Labrador Retriever Dog Breed | Breed of Labrador

Labrador Retriever Dog breed
Labrador retriever dog

As per a Survey of U.S.A, Labrador Retriever is fastly become the number one dog in united states. It comes among the category of top 3 highly reputed dog’s breed. Labrador Retriever is having a perfect physics which easily not found in any other breed of dog. This dog is trained to use as a rescue dog, searching dog and police dog. It trained to do swimming, jogging, hiking and many more. It can easily understand things and participate in any activity. Because of such kind of bind blowing characteristics this is suitable for any kind of performance and purposes.
A secret fact about Labrador retriever breed is such breed is more lovable than a fighter. This breed love outdoor activity with people. This breed have a huge size and this make him more attractive and demanding.
Labrador retriever can easily become a member of your family in around 1 week. This breed love to love their owner and always try to keep their owner safe and happy. The price of Labrador retriever Is also a little bit high, a puppy of this breed is around $900 and that’s why only financially strong family is buying such kind of dog breeds. Labrador retriever is keeps in a clean environment and their maintenance charges is also too much high.

Facts About Labrador Retriever Dog Breed:-

1) This Dog breed love to eat, play, running and catching. Such dog gives a perfect company to man who love to go gym or a fitness lover. This breed love to do physical tasks in very less hours of rest. They are very active and energetic. They needs minimum 40 min of exercise everyday to keep in shape and healthy.
2) Many people thinks that such breed are very smart and intelligent and they don’t need any training to do a task. But it is not fully true like all other kind of dog breed Labrador also need a training periods to understand and learn things.
3) Most of the Labrador little slow down when they grow. The demand of Labrador is increasing day by day in India's people and because of this increasing demand their price is also increasing. If you are thinking to buy a Labrador retriever for your home just first check your puppy that he/she is free from all kind of genetic diseases.
4) Size of a male Labrador retriever breed is generally 23 inches and weight is around 70 kg while female size is 22 inches and weight 60 kg. this dog breed mainly grow in the age between 4 to 7 months. The average life of this breed is 10 to 15 years.
Breed Of Labrador retriever
Labrador Dog Breed

Food Of Labrador Retriever:-

2 to 3 cup of high quality food bowl  a day on a daily basis. Mainly the feeding of a dog depends on their size and physical work done by him/her.  Like humans being this type of dog breed not need same amount of food every time. They need different taste and quantity of food every time they eat. Don’t give them food all the time because this will make your dog over weighted and sick. Keep your dog breed in a good shape by giving them 2-3 time of food according to their need and requirement.


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